Wild Horse

Wild Horse

Science & Origin of Wild Horse

Wild Horse is a unique variety of Magnesite (Howlite) that crystallizes in mass formation. The magnesite forms in a circular blotted pattern on a brown, red matrix. It was named for its resemblance to the pinto horses that roam the American southwest and was used heavily by the Native American population throughout this area. The only known locality is in Arizona in the Mammouth and San Manuel area.

Wild Horse

Meaning & Energy

Wild Horse is celebrated for its potent emotional healing properties, resonating deeply with the root and crown chakras to provide a unique spiritual balance. By connecting the physical plane with higher consciousness, Wild Horse offers a grounding yet enlightening energy that soothes the soul and fortifies the spirit. This stone is particularly valuable during periods of emotional turmoil, providing clarity and support to navigate life's challenges while reminding one of the inner strength and resilience inherent within.

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