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Aquamarine is a variety of Beryl and is a crystal of clear blue beauty. This stone was first reported in 1747 by J.G. Wallerius. Its name comes from the latin words “aqua” meaning water and “marine” meaning of the sea. This gem is a light blue color that grows in a hexagon shape and is normally found in Brazil. Aquamarine's hexagonal shape will enhance all 6 senses to perceive different vibrations in the physical realm. This crystal has been used by pirates, sailors, and traders for protection and courage when going on long journies across the sea.

Aquamarine deals with water, which directly represents our emotions. It’s a stone of courage that provides a shield protecting ones aura with blue, harmonious rays.When working with this crystal, one can bring balance and stability to the body in times of discomfort. Aquamarine pushes you in the direction of removing all toxicity in ones enviroment. This stone helps gives the person expression of true self, and reaching to be our highest self, as we begin to grow spiritually again.

Aquamarine is a receptive stone that shows us that things are as is, and pushes us towards accepting ourselves. When we learn to accept our truths we start to wash away fears, judgment,and bring forth emotional freedom. Sometimes users don't realize the amount of emotions they've dealt with in their life time. Aquamarine will help let go of emotional strains that you might not be aware of, and teach you that we can use our emotions as guidance, rather than letting them consume and use us. 

Aquamarine is a stone of the throat chakra that gives the power of clear communication. Carry or wear the crystal as close as possible to your throat to allow free speaking of the mind in a calm manner while opening up conversation. For example, wearing an Aquamarine necklace to a speaking function will aid in creativity and clear communication, while removing the anxiety caused by public speaking.





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