Science & Origin of Kinoite

Kinoite, sometimes referred to as Fluorapophyllite, is a rare calcium-copper silicate mineral that crystallizes in the form of druzies, clusters, crusts, and masses. It is found in a lustrous blue color that gets its hues from copper impurities within. It was first discovered in the Helvetia-Rosemont Mining District in Pima County, Arizona, with most of the crystals on the market coming out of the Christmas Mine, less than 100 miles northeast of Tucson, Arizona. Kinoite has only been found one other time, in 2001, in the Fuka mine located in Takahashi City, Japan.

Kionite and Fluorapophyllite

Kionite is often misidentified, and often missold, as Fluorapophyllite. While this is partially true, Kinoite is an inclusion inside of transparent Fluorapophyllite crystals. Kinoite has much more value than Fluorapophyllite and it takes someone with significant knowledge to differentiate the two. When looking to purchase a piece of Kionite make sure it comes out of Arizona as the Japan discovery was relatively small and non-commercial.

Father Kino

Kinoite was named after Eusebio Francisco Kino, a Jesuit geographer, astronomer, explorer, and missionary. Father Kino led exploration missions in Arizona and Sonora, Mexico while assisting the Native American population nearby. Kino was against hard labor and slavery in nearby silver mines, while authoring books on religion, astronomy, and cartography.


Meaning & Energy

Kinoite is a stone that activates the higher chakra system, specifically the third eye and crown chakra. Its energies are very similar on an intuitive level to that of Azurite and Shattuckite, two high-vibrational copper-bearing stones. This stone helps the expansion of your mental capacity while opening up the third eye in hopes of creating a new perspective. This newfound outlook may contain thoughts or ideas which have been digesting within your spiritual body for far too long.

Kinoite expands the throat chakra and bridges the spirit to speak clearly on things that mean the most to you. Sometimes the most important thoughts, are the ones we share the least. While there is nothing wrong with this mentality, remind yourself that this way of thinking is not always the most beneficial. Take this communicative crystal and allow it to not only circulate ideas within, but also aid in the exploration of future realms of possibility.

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