Science & Origin of Rosasite

Rosasite is a rare Copper zinc carbonate hydroxide mineral that crystallizes in the form of spheres, botryoidal, and rarely, tiny crystals over matrix. The color is usually a light to sky blue, but can also be seen as green. This mineral was first discovered in 1908 by Domenico Lovisato in Sardinia, Italy. He named it after the mine in which it was pulled out of, The Rosas Mine. This mineral usually forms on Red Limonite and can be found in Australia, Chile, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Iran, and the USA.

Meaning & Energy

Rosasite links one's heart with their throat chakra, creating a clear channel for one to voice their emotions. So often do we keep our most precious emotions and experiences close to our hearts, making sure its hidden from the rest of the world. This daily task is daunting and will have everyone pushed to their breaking point at some point or another. Holding onto these emotions for long periods of time can cause one to slowly fall into a deep depression and live with intense anxiety and darkness. Rosasite’s energies encourage you to voice your pain, face it, and move forward from it. Learn from these past experiences and grow from them. Rosasite is here to pull you along your journey and be that “light” in times of darkness. Look to this stone whenever one needs a reminder of just how far they’ve come.


This mineral also helps one through any emotional strain by providing calming and uplifting vibrations. The blue rays fill one’s entire aura with powerful energies of love acceptance and joy. It helps one push out all negative vibrations that they can't seem to shake. Rosasite acts as a “booster shot” to help you get back on your feet in these times of distress. Try meditating with this stone over your heart to immediately feel its energies. Push yourself into a state of relaxation and allow your guard to finally be let down. Let this mineral take control for some time and evaluate how your heart feels after the experience. Continue doing this to not only strengthen your heart, but also your connection to your emotional body.

Rosasite is a powerful stone for anyone in a communication career. We highly recommend it to any and all therapists, as well as teachers, public speakers, and counselors. This crystal helps one connect with their audience and aids one in choosing the right words for the setting. Sometimes that can be the deciding factor if your audience will understand you or not. It also helps one to speak from the heart and have compassion in their voice, and the words in which they’re saying. 

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