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Stellar Beam Calcite

Stellar Beam Calcite is a rare type of calcite that will help in manifestation and achieving higher knowledge. It’s a very high vibrational stone and has similar characteristics to Merkabite Calcite. Stellar Beam calcite is a very inter-dimensional stone and will actively simulate the third eye and crown chakras. This stone is excellent when used in meditation and will help users ascend and recall past life experiences. It assists one in finding their Divine Will and will allow for a very peaceful and blissful state to imbue the user. In such time, filling your mind with your deepest wants and desires while actively manifesting them into your reality is one but of many aspects of Stellar Beam Calcite. Lastly, it will help break old patterns and close unwanted pathways no longer desired in your life

Stellar Beam Calcite
Stellar Beam Calcite

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 Working with grounding stones such as Jet, Shungite, or Garnet is highly recommended following the use of the Stellar Beam calcite due to the intensity of the ascension. Golden Labradorite and Healidor are generally used to enhance one’s manifestation. Golden Labradorite does that through the power of magic, while Healidor activates and opens up the mind and will.

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