Rutile Free Form #11

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Origin: China
Size: 2.9in Height, 145g

Deep Meaning

This crystal can be used to help your life in just about every way. Ones entire chakra system becomes activated and aligned when working with this stone. It helps remove any blockages that may be slowing or stopping energy entirely from circulating through our body. Our life force energies become replenished, as well as our inner balance and overall confidence being restored back to normal. Rutile can also help one bridge the physical and spiritual worlds together, and attune to their energies rather rapidly. Messages from the dream realm can be easily understood, as well as the significance behind the imagery we’re shown. Manifesting with Rutile is much different than any stone you’ve used before. It provides focus of one’s intention and helps speed up the process to get you there. Rutile helps raise one’s mental awareness, leading them to find “short cuts” along the way. This can make the process of achieving your dreams just a little faster, and a lot less daunting.

Categories: Shapes

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