Rutile in Quartz Bracelet

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Rutile is a very powerful and high frequency stone. People who have just started their crystal journey should be weary of the high vibrations this stone carries. Even if you are a seasoned practitioner, we still recommend to place grounding stones around your Rutile specimen, as well as carrying them with you when having your Rutile on you. This is one of the very few minerals in the world known to enhance and accelerate every aspect of your life, as well as unique abilities such as channeling, psychic intuition, manifestation, and astral travel. Use caution, as this mineral can also activate any negative vibrations one is feeling or carrying. It’s very similar to the effects of Epidote, where it amplifies any and all energies it is around. Although activating negative vibrations can be important for one to move on and grow, it can also hurt you as well. Aside from placing this stone away for a day when you feel a bit stronger and more capable or dealing with these emotions, we suggest using protection stones in your practice. Allow yourself to garner confidence in knowing stones like @Black Tourmaline@, @Onyx@, @Shungite@, and @Black Opal@ will provide protection from any negative energies attacking you.

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