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Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is popularly known to bring luck and success. It’s said that this stone brings prosperity into a person's life through wealth, relationships, and opportunities. It is recommended to bring a piece of Aventurine with you to the casino, when on a first date, or when going to a job interview. Green Aventurine shows us that luck is within our own minds and grants visions or insights on ways to achieve "luck" through determination and will. This opens your mind up to positivity and teaches you about self-worth. It instills the mindset of knowing for a fact that you deserve the best and allows good things to happen when the opportunity comes your way. This stone teaches that you are worthy of many things, even some that you may have never thought of before. 

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Green Aventurine is a stone that helps rebalance the heart chakra and better understand our needs and emotions by accepting changes in our daily lives. This allows us to live our truths confidently and proud, especially around others with whom might judge. When one begins to see with their heart they can become true leaders of their lives. This stone will not just give you luck, but also allows you to prosper and grow while clearing emotional blockages so that your emotions can flow through you effectively. This stone allows the heart to flow freely and in sync with your own energies. By looking at our mistakes and setbacks, we learn to create our own luck. Green Aventurine teaches us that what you put out into the universe comes back to you. What you put fourth, you shall receive. It enstills and teaches understanding. 

Green Aventurine

The longer you use Green Aventurine the more this stone will aid you in your daily life by opening the mind up to personal growth and opportunities. This special stone teaches us about ourselves and our place in the universe. Green Adventurine is not only about attracting but also giving - in the way of love and prosperity by balancing mind, body, and soul. 

It is recommended to cleanse Green Adventurine regularly because of its natural ability to absorb negative energies. This keeps your energies clear of negativity, but the negative energy that the crystal is absorbing weakens its prosperity and healing properties over time. Try placing Green Aventurine outside, buried a few inches deep on a windy day to allow the stone to be cleansed fully. Since it is a water/earth/wind element crystal, it would be very effective to add water to the earth in which its buried. Using sage will cleanse and amplify the power of Green Aventurine as well.

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