Science & Origin of Leucitite

Leucitite, also known as Leucite, is an aluminum potassium silicate mineral and member of the Feldspathoid family of minerals. It crystallizes in the form of isometric crystals that can transform into pseudocubic crystals upon natural cooling ( rarely can Leucite be seen in mass formation). This crystal is usually found within a volcanic rock matrix (mainly Basalt) due to its creation stemming from ancient magma that cooled slowly. The color of Leucite is most commonly an ashy white, but can also be as transparent as a Diamond. They can range in size from a few millimeters to nearly a foot tall, with larger crystals being more susceptible to rapid oxidation. This mineral has very few localities around the world, with the majority of Leucite coming out of Italy, Turkey, Germany, Brazil, and the United States.

Leucite was first described in 1791 by A.G. Werner and was named after the Greek word “leukos” meaning “white” (referring to its color). It is a common belief that this stone was already discovered prior to this year, but was identified with a different name. A few ancient texts have a mineral listed as “White Garnet”, which is believed to be Leucite due to its similarities in structure, hardness, and crystallization.


Meaning & Energy

Leucite is a very Earth-heavy stone, making it one of the strongest grounding stones we’ve ever worked with. Your entire aura will soften when meditating with this stone and allow true life force energy to imbue your physical body. This energetic connection will begin to awaken parts of your soul that have been dampened down due to stress and fear. These aspects of our inner being contain the very attributes that makeup who we are. Our individual character traits will finally be able to freely express themselves. This awakening effect will embolden your inner potential and helps prioritize what's truly important. Through Leucite’s bold and empowering energies, one’s confidence is able to rise on command and easily defeat your own self-doubt.

When you're at a crossroads in your life and have multiple choices in front of you, try meditating with a piece of Leucite directly over your heart. Let life’s most important organ become fully engaged in the decision-making process. The purity of our heart space and the innocent energies it carries can provide the necessary fuel needed to achieve enlightenment. Follow the path of your higher consciousness as your inner vibration leads you towards your true potential. Let love and light guide your inner being on the path towards achieving totality, abundance, joy, and success.

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