Science & Origin of Lizardite

Lizardite is a magnesium silicate hydroxide mineral and a member of the Serpentine family. It's the most common variety of Serpentine and crystallizes in the form of masses, fibers, and plates, as well as small-flexible prismatic crystals. This mineral forms in high magnesium Serpentine veins that have only experienced relatively lower temperatures. Pyrite is usually found within or near deposits of Lizardite, which adds value to each piece. The color of this mineral is mainly light lime green, but can also be found as very dark yellow. Lizardite was founded in 1955 by Eric James William Whittaker and Jack Zussman. They named it after the mine it was found in, the Lizard Peninsula located in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Since then it has been found in Australia, Brazil, the United States, Switzerland, Slovakia, Russia, Italy, Japan, France, and China.


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Meaning & Energy

This mineral shares very similar energies to Serpentine and activates the same chakras. One will be able to access their kundalini energy and channel it throughout their physical body. View our Serpentine write up to fully understand the energies that radiate from Lizardite.

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