Que Sera (Galaxy Rhyolite)

Que Sera (Galaxy Rhyolite)

Science & Origin of Que Sera Stone

Que Sera Stone, also known as Llianite or Galaxy Rhyolite, is a silica-rich volcanic rock containing Feldspar, Kaolinite, Magnetite, Leucozene, Clinozoisite, Calcite, and Iron-oxide inclusions. Its creation occurred during a pivotal point in the earth's formation approximately 1 billion years ago. Cataclysmic events helped combine multiple minerals together to form what we know as Que Sera Stone (or Llianite). The name Que Sera comes from the acronym “Quartz with Undulatory Extinction” and “Sera” in reference to the conditions of its creation. This mineral crystallizes in the form of masses and can only be found in LLano County, Texas, and Bahia, Brazil.

Blue Quartz Inclusions

The vibrant blue crystals you see included within Que Sera are actually a rare variety of Blue Quartz! The color combination is from small inclusions of titanium and iron within, most of the time it is a rare crystal known as Ilmenite (a titanium and iron oxide mineral).

Que Sera (Galaxy Rhyolite)

Llianite vs. Que Sera

Llianite and Que Sera are very similar in appearance and chemical composition, making the two commonly misidentified. Llianite is only found in Texas and typically has a darker matrix due to its high ratio of Biotite within its structure. Que Sera is found in Brazil and maintains a much lighter gray matrix.

Meaning & Energy

Que Sera Stone is a transformational stone and shares similar energies to all other Rhyolite minerals. This crystal can help you realign your entire chakra system and puts a focus on your third eye and crown chakra. It will help raise your intuitive level while also allowing you to reimagine and recreate yourself at an inner personal level. You may begin to notice yourself shedding daily habits or thoughts that no longer serve you. As you continue working with this stone, you will see a new open space within yourself to fill with whatever your heart and soul desires. For the first time, maybe in your entire life, you will be able to use your own personal free will to grow in the direction of your choice! Que Sera Stone’s energies are a reminder that change and transformation during uncertain times will only make you a stronger person. This stone's transformational process was incredibly intense, but created something beautiful. Mirror this activity when viewing your own growth, especially during moments of self-doubt and lack of confidence. It is at these crucial points that we decide who we truly are.

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