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Science & Origin of Smithsonite

Smithsonite, also known as Zinc Spar, is a zinc carbonate mineral that is most commonly found in botryoidal, masses (sometimes with a druzy surface), and stalactites. It's very rare to find this mineral in its crystallized form, which is rhombohedral shaped. Smithsonite can be found in a variety of colors such as yellow, brown, purple, white, green, grey, and most notably, its Turquoise-blue shade. This mineral was commonly mistaken for Hemimorphite, or Calamine, until 1832 when F.S. Beaudant differentiated it. He named the mineral after the English mineralogist James Smithson, who first identified the crystal in 1802. This is the same James Smithson who was the founding donor of the Smithsonian Institution. Deposits of this unique Zinc mineral have been reported in Greece, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, and the USA.

Meaning & Energy

Smithsonite is a powerful stone that is here to soothe your mind and calm your emotions. It helps one refresh their emotional body and helps in the revaluation of the situations causing distress. Smithsonite pushes one's mind into a state of clarity when emotions may feel overwhelming. This crystal pushes one to find resolution to move forward from any and all negative situations. By helping one achieve clarity of the mind, one may soon begin to ask themselves, “Is it truly worth it?”. The amount of energy needed to continue holding grudges and arguments is overwhelming for even the strongest person, and can not be held onto when trying to move forward. Once one has accepted that, only then will they know the true effects of the mighty Smithsonite stone.


This stone is perfect ally to help one combat anxiety, depression, low energy, and shyness. Smithsonite provides one with an inner reflection and helps bring out a deep strength that one may not knew existed. Showing one the power they have within can help in finding the confidence and self-esteem to push forward through life’s most challenging obstacles. We recommend anyone who has hypersensitive emotions or recovering from an emotional wound to carry a piece of Smithsonite with them daily. Let the nourishing and rejuvenating vibrations imbue your aura each day!

Meditating with Smithsonite with not only help calm one's emotions, but also activate and unlock psychic abilities hidden within. Placing a piece on your third eye or crown chakra will help with astral travel, heightened intuition and intellect, enhanced awareness, and clarity & vividness of dreams.

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