Science & Origin of Staurolite

Staurolite, also known as Fairy Stone or Fairy Cross, is a nesosilicate mineral that naturally occurs in cross shapes (cruciform). The minerals usually cross at a 60 or 90 degree angle, with some specimens representing a perfect perpendicular cross. Staurolite’s genetic makeup is very complex, containing aluminum, zinc, magnesium and iron. They can be found within a matrix, most commonly Quartz and Muscovite schist, or as loose crystals due to their durability. You will usually see Staurolite as black or dark brown, but also as a deep to brownish red. This mineral has been referenced throughout history by multiple different people, but it wasn’t until 1792 that it was officially recorded as “Staurolite”. J.C. Delamethrie coined the name from the Greek word “stauros”, meaning “cross”. Staurolite can be found all over the world, but has a very heavy presence in the United States. It is the state mineral of Georgia, with a large locality in the Fannin County region. Another deposit is located about 330 miles to the northeast in Patrick County, Virginia. They have a large park called Fairy Stone State Park, where an abundance of this unique mineral is located. Outside of the United States, Staurolite can also be found in Russia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, France, Italy, and Switzerland.

There is no industrial use for Staurolite, making this one of the very few minerals in the world that has no significant development value. The only physical use it’s ever had was as an Index Mineral, helping to estimate details of rocks during metamorphism such as heat, pressure, depth. For centuries it’s been highly valued by Christians as a talisman for good luck and protection. As a resemblance to a crucifix, Staurolite used to sit atop Church entryways in the Middle Ages. An old folklore tale about this stone ties it back to its ancient name, Fairy Stones. It was believed that once Mother Earth’s fairy’s heard of the crucifiction of Jesus Christ, they bawled tears never before seen. These sad droplets rained down on our planet and became hardened upon contact.

Spotting Fakes

This mineral has been known to be artificially created, due to the shape and lore behind it. One way to easily identify if a piece is fake is by getting a good, close up look at it. If there are any small air bubbles that you can see with your eyes or feel with your fingers, then it is more than likely fake. These pieces are usually created in a very hot oven or kiln that leaves traces of oxygen within. Also, if you end up encountering a few of these minerals from the same dealer, be sure to look at them all together at once. Do any of these closely resemble one another? Staurolite is much like humans, with each piece being different from the other. Usually artificial Staurolite is made from one single-shaped mold, resulting in each piece being exactly the same.


Meaning & Energy

Staurolite activates and aligns one’s third eye, heart and root chakras together. These vital points alone are extremely powerful, but when combined, one’s spiritual path has no limits. This mineral promotes the highest version of oneself by channeling potent energy down to Earth. This otherworldly knowledge can be used directly on one’s life path and spiritual journey. With your third eye being so illuminated, one is able to intersect messages and visuals coming directly from our spirit guides. If you place this stone over your forehead and allow yourself to enter a deep meditation, watch as your mind becomes imbued with new thoughts and ideas. These “visions” have an astronomical amount of weight behind them and symbolically show one the way through stressful times. Much like dreaming, this state of mind can feel distorted and may be lost shortly after your session has concluded. It's important to take action with this information and apply it towards your life.

Listen To Your Heart

Staurolite is a reminder that we control our own fate in this world, but we need to listen to the one’s helping us along our journey. Don’t be afraid to listen to your heart as well. The unique connection this stone has between the heart and third eye allows one to see the pain we might normally hide. It forces us to face these negative emotions and move on from them. Staurolite helps provide emotional protection and bring to light the inner strength one possesses within. Once one is able to cleanse themselves of these overstayed emotions, they can begin to tackle life again with a clear heart and mind. Continue carrying your Staurolite piece and tap into its energy field when needed. This stone is an ally for life that should be called upon during any bout of sadness, tragedy or pain.

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