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Yellow Aventurine

Science & Origin of Yellow Aventurine

Yellow Aventurine is a silicon dioxide mineral and member of the Quartz family. It can be found in a variety of yellow hues and gets its color from tiny inclusions of Mica or Muscovite. This Aventurine variety is one of the more rare members of the group, and is usually only found crystallized in the form of large masses. Most of the Yellow Aventurine on the market today comes out of Brazil, but there are also important localities within India.

Meaning & Energy

Yellow Aventurine resonates directly with one’s solar plexus chakra and pushes one to engage in awakening their personal will. This important attribute houses energies used for manifesting, creating, focusing, as well as important leadership qualities. Without actively using these personal skills regularly, they will become weak and eventually go dormant. Yellow Aventurine, especially when placed on your belly during deep meditation, helps one reestablish their inner connection to these energies. Deep meditative sessions overtime will help one naturally raise their confidence level and become more comfortable with who they really are. Yellow Aventurine removes all self expectations and societal outlooks. This will help one truly understand what exactly their soul is contained of. You will now be able to explore it at a much more spiritual level.

Yellow Aventurine


Don’t forget to carry a piece of Yellow Aventurine with you as you create and explore your imaginative side. As your personal will strengthens, so does the energies it carries and the connections they have throughout your body. You will inherently become filled with happiness and joy as you embrace doing what you love. These emotions will help one convey their true identity while also displaying it in unique ways for the world to see.

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