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Science & Origin of Hanksite

Hanksite is a potassium sulfate mineral that crystallizes in the form of prismatic shards and elongated, tabular crystals. Many chemical and clay impurities can affect its color while forming, leading this mineral to be found in a variety of colors such as white, yellow, grey, light green, light blu,e and even colorless (possibly transparent). Hanksite was first discovered in Searles Lake in San Bernardino, California around 1884-1885 by William Earl Hidden. He chose to name it after Henry Garber Hanks, the first state mineralogist of California (who was still in public office at the time).

Hanksite can be found near or in association with other Sodium/Potassium minerals such as Halite, Borax, and Trona. Most localities around the world are found in dry lake beds, also known as evaporite deposits. Since its initial discovery in southern California over 135 years ago, Hanksite has also been found in the neighboring state of Nevada, as well as halfway around the globe in Turkey.

Hanksite is a water-soluble mineral and should be kept away from any liquid as much as possible. The crystallized body will begin to break down rather quickly if placed in water, leading the structure to eventually dissolve.


Meaning & Energy

Hanksite is a very earth-heavy stone that assists in grounding your physical body, while aiding in the realignment of your etheric chakra system. The energies of this Potassium Sulfate mineral merge with that of your own aura. This helps to cleanse and clear your entire spiritual body of any harmful vibrations that may be “stuck” on you. These negative energies are extremely harmful for your personal growth and can cause one to carry a lack of confidence as well as fill your mind with pure toxicity. For one to be able to prosper, love, and pursue their most desired dreams, a natural flow of positive energy must be channeled inward, so that you may redirect it outwards. It is through this important process that one is able to strip away their own personal hardships and directly heal their mind, body, and soul. For best results, meditate with your piece of Hanksite over the most affected areas of your body. The potency of this crystal is capable of extinguishing any unwanted thought, vibration, or energy one carries with them daily. Continue seeking the healing frequencies of Hanksite as much as possible and learn to become comfortable and trustworthy of this intense purification stone.

Hanksite also promotes a heightened sense of reality, allowing one's mind to elevate and understand more about yourself than you can ever imagine. It's very much a stone for introverts, as it assists in processing newfound knowledge about who you are and the important purpose you bring to this world. One will begin to learn how important it is to have trust in themselves and how that attribute can lead you on a path of truth-seeking and enlightenment. It is during this acknowledgment period that one is able to relinquish the lies and distractions you tell yourself daily. Thus, opening up the required space needed for personal growth and development.

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