Orange Aventurine

Orange Aventurine

Science & Origin of Orange Aventurine

Orange Aventurine is a member of the Aventurine family and a variety of Quartz. The orange colors are from tiny inclusions of Hematite and Goethite. Occasionally you will see some forms of Mica (the tiny specs that sparkle on the surface). Depending on the amount and density of these inclusions, this stone can range from a matte orange-brown to a vibrant colorful orange. Major deposits of Orange Aventurine can be found all over the world, with the most important localities being in India and Brazil.

Meaning & Energy

Orange Aventurine and Yellow Aventurine share very similar energies, with both activating one’s personal will and manifestation abilities. The only difference that we choose to highlight is the grounding potential Orange Aventurine offers compared to its yellow counterpart. As one begins mentally creating and conjuring all of their thoughts and dreams, this Aventurine variety can help ground them to this physical plane. By doing this, it will help you see the true power you hold within yourself. One will then become reminded of the control that they have within their own universe and how their decisions can directly affect their future outcomes.

Orange Aventurine

Focusing Your Efforts

Orange Aventurine assists in the channeling process of your own personal energy and assists one in understanding exactly where to put it. As you start to work with this stone and build an etheric connection with it, one’s strongholds will begin to rise within. Our strength, fortitude, drive, and determination will soon be ready to help one accomplish whatever is most important to them. These physical attributes will show one their true capabilities, while helping to achieve a connection to their “higher self”; the purest form of your existence.

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