Shaman Stone

Science & Origin of Shaman Stone

Shaman Stone, also known as Mochi Marbles, Boji Stones, Navajo Berries and Hopi Marbles, are an Iron oxide and sandstone concretions found in southern Utah, near the north side of the Grand Canyon. They are believed to have formed over 100 million years ago, when naturally flowing water began moving iron minerals and sand together. Overtime, this naturally created these concretions which can range from pea size, all the way up to the size of a softball. These stones are fairly common in southern Utah, but can be troublesome to get your hands on them. Shaman Stones are mostly found on government owned land, national parks and forests, as well as Native American reservations where collecting is prohibited. 

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Shaman Stones are believed to have formed similarly to the recently discovered “Martian Blueberries” on our neighboring planet. The NASA Rover “Opportunity” found these oddly shaped stones in 2004 and are believed to be spherical Hematite. They are found on the Martian matrix, as well as beneath the surface in loose sand. These “blueberries” are very shiny and almost appear to have a natural polish on them. The discovery of these spheres help scientists back up their theory that Mars once had running water on the surface. Studying Shaman Stones on Earth can help us learn more about Mars and the mysterious history of the planet.

Meaning & Energy

Shaman Stones were heavily used by the Moqui Indians (Hopi Tribe) who resided in the nearby Moqui Desert. Shamans within the tribe would use these stones in ritual practices and meditations with other tribe members. They referred to them as “spiritual talismans” and was used in channeling higher knowledge and contacting angelic beings and spirit guides. Another legend talks of how deceased spirits of the tribe would come at night and play with the “marbles”, and move them before daybreak. The people of the tribe viewed this as signs from their loved ones in the afterlife attempting to contacting them.

Shaman Stone
Shaman Stone

Shaman Stones are very powerful chakra alignment tools that can help clear one of any blockages within. When our chakras are not in sync with one another, energy is unable to flow freely. This can cause one to feel off balance daily, become lethargic, have no motivation, and lose confidence in yourself. That’s where Shaman Stones come in and help revitalize your entire energy column. Meditating with this stone will help strengthen your connection with Mother Earth and provide the “nutrients”, knowledge and vitality she has too offer. One will notice themselves slowly begin a transformational phase of their lives and start a new cycle of growth. Shaman Stone unlocks a very intuitive side of you when working with it repeatedly, offering up great clarity and better understanding of yourself, environments, and even the people within them. Often times practitioners even experience enhanced psychic abilities, and use this stone as a talisman for psychic protection. We recommend using Shaman Stone in any ritual or meditation to provide complete protection of oneself, as well as carrying a stone with you for a powerful etheric shield.

Shaman Stone is also a very unique crystal that helps one find their inner balance and expand it throughout their body. Much like the stone Shiva Lingam, this stone helps balance polarities and activates one’s Chi. We suggest a meditation exercise that involves you holding a Shaman Stone in each palm, with your hands raised to around your shoulders (with your palms open). Begin by taking slow, but heavy breaths, and allow them to reach the deepest point in your belly before you start exhaling. Clear up all of that space within and allow your inner energy to begin flowing again throughout your body. Continue doing this while your Shaman Stones are at your sides, pulsating like magnets and pulling all the negativity, waste, and toxic energy out from the depths of your body. While continuing to keep your mind clear, begin to envision yourself holding these stones on the side of you. Do you notice one side is constantly lower than another? Does one side feel clear, while another is still filled with negativity? Does your entire body feel clear and empty? These are all questions you should begin asking yourself as your session wraps up and especially after its complete. The intuitive side of you that Shaman Stone activates will help one better understand themselves and their inner and emotional balance needs.

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