Science & Origin of Galaxyite

Galaxyite also known as Galaxite is a recently discovered mineral that contains microsized Labradorite crystals embedded in a large feldspar matrix. It has only been found crystallized in this manner. To date, the type locality (original deposit) in Quebec, Canada has been the only source of this crystal in the entire world. A local miner accidentally found this mineral in 1995 and chose to name it “Galaxite” after our galaxy; due to the resemblances when one looks up into our night sky. However, that name has already been coined for another mineral, an aluminum magnesium iron-rich member of the Spinel family whose name is derived after the Galex plant. Due to this, a “y” was added to “Galaxyite” to honor the given name while also avoiding confusion in the mineral community.

Much of the raw material that comes out of Canada is shipped overseas, where it begins to be processed. China, in particular, exports a ton of Galaxite and provides the world with endless shapes, carvings, and tumbled stones!

Meaning & Energy

Galaxyite shares nearly identical energies to Labradorite, with the only difference being the condensed power it offers. All of the tiny crystallized specs of Labradorite create an energy capable of enhancing and unlocking any chakra this stone is placed over. Like Labradorite, your entire chakra column will become activated and begin to rebalance your ethereal system. However, Galaxyite takes it one step further and pushes whatever chakra you designate to the forefront, allowing you to understand who you really are.


We highly recommend this stone to all healing practitioners, beginners, and mineral collectors! This vein will eventually become completely tapped and will sadly be placed in the category of “extinct” minerals! Who doesn't want to meditate with the highest vibrational form of Labradorite in existence?!

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