Japan Law Twin

Japan Law Twin

Science & Origin of Japan Law Twin

Japan Law Twin, also known as Weiss Law Twin, La Gardette Law Twin, and Twinning Crystal Quartz, is an extremely rare Quartz variety. It is defined as having two crystals that meet at an angle of 84°33'; as well as having parallel prismatic faces (resulting in a “V” formation). The main market name (Japan Law) comes from the exceptionally high end specimens that come out of Japan, even though this mineral was originally discovered in La Gardette, France. This is where the original name (La Gardette Law Twin) came from and occurred in 1829 by a German mineralogist named Mr. Weiss. Since then, this quartz variety has been found in a smoky formation and even in more rare, Citrine versions. Both these varieties are extremely valuable and can only be found in a few locations around the world, with the main source being in Namibia.

What Makes it a Japan Law Twin?

Two different shaped minerals can be found under the class of “Law Twins”. These being the “V” shaped formation, as well as a more “harsh” and “sharp” variety that strongly resembles a small butterfly (some also argue a tiny symmetrical heart). Both configurations can range in size from .5”-12” in length, with some specimens weighing in as much as 10 pounds!

Japan Law Twin

Meaning & Energy

Japan Law Twin shares the same energy of all Quartz crystals, as well as any inclusion it may contain (smoky or citrine). As one continues to work with this unique mineral, they will see the enhancement and enlightenment they receive as they channel the benefits of the twins. One’s mind is able to maintain a sense of clarity while cementing your place in the spirit realm. Instill all the trust you carry in this crystal and allow it to be the changing factor in your life as you follow your soul’s mission. For more information on how this crystal can benefit your spiritual upbringing and development, head on over to our Quartz write-up here!

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