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Science & Origin of Orange Kyanite

Orange Kyanite is a rare variety of Kyanite that crystallized in a raw tabular formation as well as a bladed-like structure. Most, if not all Orange Kyanite is extremely small and does not form any larger than a few inches maximum. Orange Kyanite veins tend to be brittle, but have been able to produce gem-quality material that has enlightened the jewelry community. It is believed that the first deposit came out of Tanzania within the last 20 years, however, there is no recorded evidence of its type locality. As of recently, Orange Kyanite has also been found in Brazil and South Africa.

Meaning & Energy

Orange Kyanite produces fantastic manifestative energies that you can channel through spiritual exercises such as meditation, grid work, and mantras. This Kyanite variety is the perfect size to place around you or directly over your solar plexus and sacral chakras during meditation. It is an activator of these lower-tiered chakras and produces a spark of divinity during each session. This awakened intuition is a direct cause of your earthly chakras opening up and grounding you and your vibrations down to this plane. Its powerful energies are able to assist you in channeling your true artistic side whether it be a physical hobby, expression of yourself, or emotions. When you are able to show your true colors to this world, only then will you be able to shine!

Using Orange Kyanite in Grids

Orange Kyanite is excellent for channeling and helps combine energies during gridwork. Its rod-like shape emits a beautiful vibration from stone to stone and helps amplify the entire energy of your grid layout. The potent vibrations of this crystal naturally assist in opening up your creative side. We recommend grids with intentions of physical growth such as increasing strength, channeling your inner creativity, and manifesting your desires. Lastly, by adding an additional mantra to any gridwork experience, you will be able to better connect yourself to the spiritual world. This attunement will help bridge the gap between both worlds, drawing power from each.

Orange Kyanite

No Need To Be Cleansed!

Orange Kyanite, like all other Kyanites, requires no cleansing or clearing. It does not pick up any negative vibration or foreign emotion you may cross paths with. This makes Orange Kyanite an excellent pocket stone or jewelry piece to wear each day.

Sexual energy and the amplification from crystals have long been intertwined. Orange Kyanite is an excellent representation of the key to unlocking your confidence and helps you with expressing your sexuality. Try pairing this crystal with other sacral chakra stones such as Shiva Lingam, Orange Calcite, Mookaite, Red Jasper, Red Tiger Eye, or .

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