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Science & Origin of Purple Chalcedony

Purple Chalcedony is a variety of Chalcedony that was recently discovered in Indonesia. It crystallizes in mass formation with other colors of Chalcedony and Opaline. Its color pattern ranges from light lilac purple to a dark and deep lavender-violet. The associated Chalcedonies that form alongside it can be anywhere from blue, to gray, white, and brown. Most of this material has been found formed in some variety of altered volcanic rock. This mineral has been found in a few different parts of Indonesia, with the highest quality coming out of the island of West Java.

Purple Chalcedony was originally discovered by farmers as they were clearing their land in preparation for planting season. As they began to plow and sow their fields they extracted dark pieces of this Chalcedony variety. As they dug deeper, they discovered a large deposit was sitting right beneath their feet! Since the initial discovery, other pockets have been found in close proximity, as well as scattered throughout various river beds in the area.

Watch Our For Fakes!

Be cautious when purchasing this stone! If the color looks too good to be true there is a good chance it might be! There have been numerous attempts to synthetically create and heat treat Chalcedony to mirror blue and purple varieties (this is done to mimic the vibrant color crystals coming out of Turkey). True Purple Chalcedony will contain many impurities with a diverse range of color blending throughout.

Purple Chalcedony

Meaning & Origin

Purple Chalcedony expands your third eye and crown chakras to intercept messages from other frequencies and from your guardian angels. This royal stone helps you connect with the universe and expand your mental capacity in ways you’ve only dreamt of. Your intellectual body reemerges itself into the cosmos to aid in the understanding of yourself, inner visions, and the dreams you may experience each night. Purple Chalcedony is here to remind you of the deep connection that you have with the solar system and how important maximizing planetary energy can be. For centuries, our ancestors have looked to the stars for answers. By connecting with crystals you can enhance your human potential and evolve beyond your current understanding.

Imagery Within

Purple Chalcedony is a great stone that aids in the understanding of your dreams and the imagery you witness each night. It’s a must-have bedside stone and is great to pair along with Celestite, , Cavansite, Iolite, Phenacite, Infinite, Prehnite , Blue Calcite, and Apophyllite. Wearing a piece of Purple Chalcedony will elevate your frequency each day. As you settle into a new vibration, you’ll notice that true growth can occur from the smallest things around you.

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