Himalayan Quartz

Himalayan Quartz

Science & Origin of Himalayan Quartz

Himalayan Quartz is a rare and ancient variety of Quartz that formed within the Himalayan Mountains. This mountain range runs through the countries of Nepal and Bhutan, as well as creating the border between India and China. These unique crystals can form in a variety of different sizes and shapes; such as prismatic, tabular, clusters, and skinny needle-like points. This Quartz variety is extremely fragile, as some of the matrix it forms on is brittle enough to break in your hand. Himalayan Quartz can also have inclusions of other metals or minerals within, thus causing the color to change. The most popular variety is the “Smoky” Himalayan Quartz caused by natural radiation within the Earth. Iron can cause the color to change from clear, to yellow, and light pink (also known as Samadhi Quartz) which is believed to be from traces of phosphate or aluminum. Hematite inclusions give this mineral a red shade that is found towards the point of each crystal!

Rare Extraction

This mineral is extremely hard to get a hold of due to most localities being at such high and steep elevations. Machinery cannot be used to unearth these minerals, thus causing each individual specimen to be hand-extracted. Only so many can be pulled from the ground at once, which then leads to the dangerous trek down to the base camp. Throughout this process some Quartz is damaged or even completely destroyed. Even more devastating is the loss of human life in regards to individuals who could not survive the harsh conditions on the tallest mountain peaks in the world.

Himalayan Quartz
Himalayan Quartz

Meaning & Energy

Himalayan Quartz works as any other Quartz crystal, except for the energy it releases. This variety offers one an extremely high vibration to work with and can elevate their consciousness to newer heights. Some practitioners also believe in the ability for this mineral to help access one’s past lives through the process of deep channeling. Either way, it’s one of the more powerful forms of Quartz that we recommend!

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