Mango Quartz

Mango Quartz

Science & Origin of Mango Quartz

Mango Quartz is a very rare variety of Quartz that was recently discovered in the region of Boyaca, Columbia. It’s crystal formations are like the usual Quartz structures; needle-like, prismatic, double terminated, and Japan Law. The unearthed specimens contain a completely natural orangish-yellow pigment that is located in the crystals’ points. There is still ongoing debate in the scientific and geological communities, but most signs point to the inclusion as being Halloysite (an aluminosilicate clay mineral).

The mineralization of this crystal occurred in a bed of Limestone that aged around 66-100.5 million years ago. The overall process of the Quartz forming took an estimated 33 million years, which is very similar to the located within the region. While searching for Emeralds in the late 1980’s (which is how this mineral was discovered in the first place), miners came across a few minerals that formed alongside Mango Quartz such as Euclase, Pink Apatite, and a white-tipped Quartz. Sadly, many of these minerals were discarded as all focus was on achieving “the Emerald dream”, or as locals referred to it as, “el sueno verde”.

"The Emerald Czar" Origins

The main reason we are even discussing Mango Quartz and it’s existence today is due to a man named Don Victor Carranza, also known as the “Emerald Czar”. He became a very wealthy businessman that owned many Emerald mines throughout Colombia, a country that provides 70%-90% of the world’s Emerald market. Don Victor and his crew were constructing a road to help navigate the mountainous jungle environment on the backside of Columbia. While digging, white and yellow-tipped Quartz points were discovered. He immediately discarded all white crystals and took each and every “Mango Quartz” for himself (his personal collection has still yet to be located). After a short time of following the veins of multicolor Red Quartz underneath the jungle’s surface, he decided to move operations elsewhere and poured slabs of concrete in the entryway of the small mine.

While all of this was occurring in the jungles of Columbia, an international operation was underway between the United States and Columbian authorities declaring a War on Drugs. Don Victor was eventually and some think mistakenly arrested in 1998 on charges of supporting paramilitary groups and narcotics trafficking. He was eventually released some years later, but eventually died in 2013. During this time the mine's location was completely forgotten, with its existence slowly becoming lost in the jungle. That was until early 2017, when the grandchildren of a local farmer were walking over a small hilly area and discovered a tiny concave in the Earth. This was the lost Mango Quartz mine of Columbia!

Mango Quartz

Meaning & Energy

Mango Quartz is one of the very few minerals in which we are still currently developing an understanding for. We've only recently come in contact with this stone (October 2020) and can already tell how transformative its vibrations are. Its potent energies are a reminder of the true powers of Mother Earth and thankfully Mango Quartz will help one become a benefactor from her tranquil love. These frequencies help adjust one’s mental space to absorb the positives from life's, while being aware and understanding the failures that you went through.

Mango Quartz pushes us to LIVE and be courageous. Explore the outdoors and understand the planetary energies around you. Look around each day for love, light, and dedication. Become responsible for your own happiness and never take your hand off the throttle. Create a life worth living and show others the potential they have within. Just as Mango Quartz is able to extract your pure soul essence (to reach your maximum potential) so can you through the inspiration of others.

*If we’ve learned one major thing from working with this stone, it's that it pushes you to let go and allow space for new, vibrant energies. Remove the blockages from your life and become receptive of new opportunities and people coming your way. You are the creator of your own universe and have the power to persevere through anything this world throws at you.*




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