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Science & Origin of White Calcite

White Calcite is a common calcium carbonate mineral that crystallizes in the form of masses and cubic formations (due to the layering of the crystal structure). It can be found as pearly/chalky white, as well as pale white and even light grey. When seen as transparent and optical, it is known as Iceland Spar. Most, if not all of the White Calcite on the market comes out of Mexico. The price per piece or pound is extremely cheap and is a stone that should be enjoyed by all!

Meaning & Energy

White Calcite has the potential to unlock your inner vision and enable one to see more clearly, both in this realm and beyond. With these newly restored talents, one is capable of traversing time and space by accessing their true psychic abilities. This can be done both in the dream realm, as well as during deep meditation sessions. While embracing these experiences, try placing a piece of White Calcite on your third eye. You may begin to feel a slight tingling sensation, as well as an overall euphoric feeling encompassing your entire aura. This is completely natural and is partly why White Calcite is so important to work with! Follow your intuition and lead yourself on your true destined path towards your higher being.

White Calcite

Crystal Pairings

This variety of calcite is perfect to combine with other higher-tiered chakra stones. Some of our favorites to work with and meditate with are Phenacite, Selenite, Quartz, Tanzanite, Covellite , Cavansite, Kammererite, and Euclase. All of these stones produce their own unique energies that can alter, clear, and provide direct intellect into one’s mind. This experience will expand your daily decision making ability while providing one with endless opportunities to harness and grow into who you truly wish to be. During this phase, one may begin shedding parts of themselves that no longer serve this growth pattern. In extreme cases, some individuals are able to conjure the strength within to relinquish everything they rely on and ultimately change their life path. Let us all be assured that this is perfectly natural and is also called a “self induced awakening”, a spiritual shift that pushes us past our own limitations and boundaries without any hesitation.

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